Our Services

Invest in Your Biggest Asset... Your Talent

You invested a lot to find the right talent, now are you willing to do what is necessary to keep your competitive advantage. Pillars of Development will work with you to retain and develop your people.

Niche Talent Acquisition

We have the capability to help you build specialized programs based on changing markets to attract, develop and retain top talent and maintain robust pipelines.

Diversity Recruitment

Diversity recruiting is about hiring based on merit with special care taken to ensure procedures have reduced biases related to a candidate’s age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities and other personal characteristics that are unrelated to their job performance. Getting to the best talent is about creating relationships with organizations that grant you access to this incredible talent pool. Relationships we have nurtured for years.

University and Early Career Recruitment

Today’s university students and recent graduates are tomorrow’s leaders. Our university and early career recruitment services help locate the most attractive candidates for internships and entry-level positions. We’re actively involved in job fairs, student networking groups, honor societies and alumni organizations. Our relationships with hundreds of colleges means we can source the most promising talent as a result.

Veteran Recruitment

Ex-military personnel have the skills that the best companies in the world are looking for having adopted best practice in communications, organization, leadership, management, problem-solving and teamwork throughout their time in the forces. Veterans have a finely honed ability to hit deadlines, make crucial decisions and be resilient under pressure. Our talent consultants will devise a strategy that will attract, source and onboard veteran talent, ensuring they are supported through the transition from a life in the forces to a civilian workforce.

Other Services

In Addition to our specialized talent acquisition services we provide expertise in strategy development, culture assessments and training. Keep scrolling for a comprehensive, but not exhaustive list of services offers as stand alone or complementary to our talent acquisition services

60-Minute Consulting Calls

We are available to provide 60-minute consultative strategy sessions to identified members of your team, including senior leadership, recruiters, hiring managers, etc. Our team will work collaboratively with your leaders to provide recommendations to diversity, equity, and inclusion talent retention challenges. These targeted sessions would be ideal opportunities to seek advice and work through retention initiatives, implementation challenges, and complex diversity scenarios.

Accountability Consulting

Pillars of Development offers services for individuals, teams, and groups of all backgrounds to work through their biases and build on their DEI capacity.

Cultural Assessments

Pillars of Development create and distribute customized assessment tools (i.e., interview(s), survey(s), or focus group(s)) to discover and highlight opportunity areas and knowledge gaps within diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives.

Talent Assessment (Culture, People, Process, Strategy)

Pillars of Development will review your existing talent acquisition and recruitment practices, processes, and program. Create strategies for sourcing, recruiting, social media, internal recruiting/TA team professional development, opportunity areas, and cultural gaps within diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives. Create a strategy for inclusive recruiting that brings together the business and recruiters as partners. Assessment will result in a report with recommendations about best practices given the company’s talent acquisition goals.

Strategic Development Planning

Pillars of Development build environments that are conducive for diverse employees. We work one-on-one with clients to focus on the business fundamentals, develop execution plans, career-pathing, and cohort-based coaching for individual professional development for their employees of diverse backgrounds.

Training & Workshops

Our goal is to empower organizations to implement the most effective DEI strategies to recruit and retain diverse talent. We will provide tailored workshops to expand the diverse recruitment knowledge base of the practitioners on your team. Workshops are designed to provide organizations with tools to create work environments and cultures that support the professional needs of their diverse employees.